Flour from the Wild West ...


 ... the wild west of Cornwall UK that is.  In the tough wild land of West Penwith right at the end of the Cornish peninsular it must have been hard to raise a crop of grain in the old days, even if the climate there is milder than in many parts.  Nonetheless, the tiny hamlet of Zennor is made up of a church (with a mermaid myth attached), a pub (The Tinners' Arms, which is a bit of a clue to the main industry in the area), a few cottages, a farm and a stream driven watermill.  Trewey Mill dates back to the sixteenth century - about 100 years before Shakespeare was writing his great tragedies in far off London.  As there were no roads to Zennor before 1800, this was very much a local enterprise!

The Mill has now been restored to working order and still uses the original, unusual granite mill stones to grind local wheat into a very fine 100% whole meal flour ideal for sourdough users: it makes excellent bread, as we discovered.

If you are interested, the Mill is now up for sale, along with the miller's cottage.

Happy baking


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JuliaBalbilla 2011 July 19

Hi timb,

 I would love to buy your Mill as my mother lives in Falmouth and I adore Zennor.  Sadly cannot afford to do so ...  I remember the Tinners' Arms and it was great, but sadly there was a lack of feline friends when I went there with my daughter in the 90s.  Zennor is so, so lovely and I wonder why you want to leave?  I can understand if it is because of the Foul British Summers we are have had since 2007 but for me, Zennor is THE best place to be in England!  Hope you manage to sell it and that the new owners will make it work.

 Best wishes


timb 2011 July 19

Sadly not my mill Julia ...  just somewhere I bought flour.  

However, Zennor is a very special place, somewhere I have known for a long time and somewhere I would love to live and work.


See this site for more details of the sale.



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JuliaBalbilla 2011 July 20

It would suit me down the ground and pologies for assuming it was yours.  I have just looked at your blog - looks great!

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