First time miche


 I am really pleased with this first attempt at a miche.  Mostly white flour (425g) with 25g of rye, wholemeal and buckwheat flour added.  The  balance between a moist dough which gives "holes" and a firmer dough which stands up without support is something still to work on.  Unlike many sourdough recipes, I retarded this overnight, simply because of time constraints, but it seems to have been a good thing as the flavour is well developed.








sourfish 2011 September 2

nice looking miche! here is my first miche - 


it was inspired by the folk at sonoma


85% white flour (roller milled organic)10% whole wheat (stone ground organic)5% whole rye flour (stone ground organic)2% dark malted barley (1350 EBC from craftbrewers) 100% water = excellent. It has now entered the schedule as an every-day production bread in our bakery. 




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