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Have you ever baked more bread than you can eat? or perhaps the bread was not as good as you would like it to be. I know that most of us had that kind of problem before in our baking life, so what do we do with the left over bread. I know we can freeze it for later use, but if you are like me in any way than you probably have more bread than you can consume. I find bread baking fascinating thus I bake bread once a week and since I have a wood burning bread oven I bake about 10 loaves each time, and that is because bread bakes better in the oven that is almost full rather than an empty oven. Back to the left overs, after my last bread I had some left over breads that I did not freeze (no more room), so I decided to make some bread pudding with Irish Cream, turned out wonderful, the only problem I'm afraid of is that if I will be making bread pudding from all my left over I might need to update my wardrobe. So here is my bread pudding, my next time I will make bread croutons. You can read my precipice here if you would like. But please share what you do with your bread.






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Millciti 2010 January 17

I made some Cranberry Raisin Orange Pecan sweet rolls over Christmas, and failed to set a timer on the second batch.  They were a bit too brown and crusty to enjoy, but I salvaged the softer bits for bread pudding in my Freezer.  I think your formula will work perfect...  The Men in my house will love this, thanks for sharing!



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