Cinnamon Swirls


Hello everyone

If you read my previous post you'll know that I am attempting to learn sourdough through the medium of recipe conversion!

My wholemeal loaves where a resounding taste success, even if they where over proved somewhat. Spurred on I thought I'd try and convert my favourite cinnamon swirl / buns recipe.

I started with the same idea of using 100g of 100% hydration starter and minus 50g each from the flour and the liquid, which in this case in this case is milk.

Well I mixed up the ingredients only to find myself with a very wet batter like gloop. On re-reading the recipe I noted that it called for THREE whole packets of dried yeast. I also realised that I'd forgot to deduct the 50g from the milk. I decided To add 50g more of flour and stir with a spoon to develop the gluten. I then turned it out onto the work surface and did my best to knead the dough. In the end I decided to add more flour and leave to develop the yeast for a couple of hours. I then turned it out and kneaded a second time adding a little more flour until the dough began to come alive and I was able to shape it into a ball – putting it aside to further prove. I was then able to proceed as recipe.

The result was fantastic. The taste of the finished swirls and the quality of the dough where the finest I've ever achieved from this recipe. Success feels good!


Vincent 2012 July 25

Hi there john,


To be honest I was hoping to have posted the recipe by now, I'm just working on making it more robust. The last batch I did tasted fantastic but when I came to spread the butter cinnamon mix over the dough it just didn't work - the dough was pulling apart and I just ended up blobbling it on with my fingers and hoping for the best. I'm not sure if I hadn't slightly over proved the dough or more likely the dough is better slightly underproved at this stage and allowed to prove further in the baking tin.


If you can bear with me I will post the recipe just as soon as I'm happy with it.

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Evon 2012 November 28

so deliciously moist, looking at it feels like it melts in your mouth! drooling as i type lol..

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