Sonoma are one of Sydney's premier sourdough bakeries. They use organic flour and supply many outlets accross Sydney.Andrew Connole operates the sourdough bakery in Waterloo. Christian Connole looks after the cafe in Glebe, which holds an extensive range of Sonoma bread. Sonoma also have cafe and bread outlets in Paddington and WaterlooSonoma began with wood ovens and migrated to gas to keep up with demand. Wood-fired ovens are comparatively labour-intensive and have a slower recovery cycle than modern deck ovens.A retarder is part of the process and accounts for the characteristic 'blistered crust'. This style of crust is now considered an asset by consumers who value the qualities of a cool-fermented loaf -see forum post.There's a lot of good feedback on forums (including ours) about Sonoma bread...use the search facility to find out more.

02 96902060
2/9 Danks Street
Waterloo NSW
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