New Norcia

New Norcia have a strong reputation for making genuine sourdough bread. This includes 100% Organic Sourdough, a beautiful, nutty flavoured bread made from certified 100% organic ingredients: organic baker’s flour, organic wholemeal flour, organic sourdough culture, sea salt, filtered water.

The 'simply good bread' principle is also applied to New Norcia's yeasted range. For instance, Old-fashioned White Bread: bakers flour, butter, yeast, salt, water. No fluff, just the essentials. Fancier variations extend on an perhaps with rosemary, olives and sundried tomatoes.

New Norcia's owner, Kingsley Sullivan, has campaigned to bring clarity to how we describe bread to bread eaters. In particular, that the term 'sourdough' should be used only to describe a bread leavened with sourdough...just sourdough.
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New Norcia WA
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