Morpeth Sourdough

Stephen and Allison Arnott are the face of Morpeth Bakery. Morpeth bakery make real sourdough using only flour, purified water and sea salt. Allison has qualifications in food microbiology and is perhaps more informed than most bakers about their sourdough's biological characteristics.

Morpeth's baking heritage is acknowledged, particularly the early Arnott's bakery (1860's) in Morpeth, and it's motivation to create quality baked goods. Stephen is actually the great great great grandson of William Arnott, the founder of Arnott's Biscuits.

The original Arnott's bakers were pioneers, and similarly Allison and Stephen are advocates of a clearer standard for sourdough bread in Australia i.e: if it's got commercial baker's aint sourdough!

Morpeth Bakery has grown to include a restaurant on top of the bakery (in the original 1860's baker's residence). The restaurant has had excellent reviews and has a variety of seating arrangements...from intimate to group settings.

Phone: 02 4934 4148 / Fax: 02 4934 4348
148 Swan Street
Morpeth NSW
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