Gertrude Street

Fatto a Mano Organic Bakery

We are happy to report that an excellent artisan bakery, Fatto a Mano, is now operating from the old Gertrude Street shop. They have mastered the old Gertrude Street recipes, as well as baking their own organic produce.

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A bit about the old Gertrude Street Bakery

Gertrude Street Organic Bakery of Gertrude Street Fitzroy closed on Saturday 5 November 2005 after nearly nine years trading.

Paul Schillier established the business in March 1997 making sourdough and one yeasted bread.  All the wholemeal varieties were made from freshly ground flour.  Paul would buy the biodynamic grain and grind the flour fresh on the day the bread was made.  The rancidity factor in “old” wholemeal flours was something Paul wanted to eliminate from his bread thus producing highly nutricious, naturally “sweet” tasting wholemeal with outstanding crusts.

The sourdough focaccias had a great following, especially the potato and rosemary but also the season fruit types- peach, apple, blueberry and rhubarb.

There are many happy stories from customers who supported the bakery throughout it’s life. A great many customers remained loyal to the product right until the end and were very sad to see this Melbourne icon disappear.

Paul and wife Janene thank customers and supporters from a range of industries and hope that the next people to produce at this site enjoy the experience as much as they have.


03 9417 5998
228 Gertrude St
Fitzroy VIC
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