Wild Flour Bread

We arrived at Wild Flour Bakery just after 9:00 am. Pulling up on the small bakery it was easy to see that business was already steady. Walking up to the building I noticed the wonderful smell of bread baking with a hint of garlic in the air. Once inside we were greeted with the scene of a busy working bakery. At least three people were working the counter helping customers while several more worked behind them in the bakery working dough and tending that great looking brick oven! I took just a few minutes to make it up to the counter. But then, what to order?  We were faced with choice of more than a dozen types of bread. We decided to keep it simple and just order one loaf each of their “Wonder” all white and “Wild Flour” signature all wheat. Then we spotted the scones! Again, which one? They offered five kinds but two, were already sold out. We decided on the “Peach, Pecan and Chipotle”.  Once outside we quickly broke into the scone. All I can say is wow! The scone had a perfect blend of flavors. The peach flavor was obvious with generous bits of peaches throughout. But then, the chipotle kicks in with just a bit of heat. It was really good! Before we knew it we were back inside to get some of the other scones we picked up one each of the “Apple, Walnut & Raisin” and Chocolate, Orange, Almond with White Chocolate. Oh, and one more of the Peach.

Everything we purchased at Wild Flour Bread was still warm and fresh when we carried it off to the car. Although we decided to wait until we were home to cut into our loaves, we had been treated to samples inside the bakery. Both the Wild Flour and Wonder had firmer crumb than I was used to from my bread, but they had a definite sour flavor that can be elusive to home bakers, at least mine at times!

For more information see Our Trip To San Francisco Area Bakeries.

Freestone, CA
United States
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