STRONG alcohol smell


Hi everyone,

I'm new here and on day 9 of my starter journey. It started off very slowly but after finding a warmer place for it to live on day 8 it has really taken off. This morning (day 9) it was triple the size it started at 24 hrs previous. However, it smelt of pure alcohol. I discarded all but 50g this morning and added 100g strong bread flour and 100g water. It is now 8 hours later and the starter is very bubbly and has increased in size a bit. I would also say the alcohol smell has gone down slightly, but is still there.

Should i continue with this discarding method until it smells normal again? I just wasn't sure if i could make a dough with it in its current state.

Worth noting as well that I had just been feeding it once a day. However I am considering doing it every 12 hrs now.

Please help, thanks :)


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