Flat bread


Hi everyone,


i have a question. 

So, I’ve been baking sourdough for quite a while and it’s working great. 

I mainly make country loafs with t85 flour.

I mostly bake in a Dutch oven, which works great (see 2nd picture).


recently I started experimenting with baking my loaf directly on a baking stone and then put the bottom of my Dutch oven reversed on top of the stone. 

I do this because i like the crust more like that.

Suddenly my bread comes out much flatter (1st picture) although all the rest I do is the same. The areas where I slash the dough, just open to the sides they don’t burst.

Otherwise the bread is great.

Anyone has an idea how this is possible?


my recipe:

50g of rye 

50g of Kamut 

200g white flour

800g t85 flour

935g water (85%)

22g salt

160g levain





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