12 hour autolyse question to those who experience it


Hello all, This is my first post although I've been a stalker for a while.

So I begin my autolyse as I elaborate my starter that 100% hydration and 100% rye 12 hours before I plan to inoculate my autolyse at 20%.

As a native San Fransiscan who no longer lives in SF I would like it sour.

After adding the salt (2.2%) and levain I notice I only need to mix it for 60 seconds (commercial kitchen aid).

I ended up doing a strech and fold after 1/2 hour and I was already having a window pane but I waited another 1/2 hour just to do another to be sure.  Next I shape an put in a banneton for the following day at about 40f.

My roundabout question is would I benefit from a longer room temp fermentation before putting dough in the cooler?  Somewhere in Hamelman's Bread bok I read a levained dough should be folded evert 75 minutes for some reason and of course I can't find it in the book now.  So, If I bulk ferment it for say 3 hours and I already have nice gluten development what should I do during those 3 hours?  Roll on the counter to tighten?


thank you

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