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German Bakery UK is a Boutique Bakery in the United Kingdom  that provides a collection of Gourmet Bread and fine German delicatessen to Windsor, London, Richmond, Greenwich, Oxford, Reading and around.

Each of our bread is made from scratch, solely by hand and bake it every single day to assure freshness.

All the ingredients are directly imported from Germany by ourselves to assure quality. 

With our fully equipped vans, we bring traditional fresh baked bread to your doorsteps in ]many cities around the south east of England, Including London, Greenwich, Oxford, reading, and Virginia waters among others.

We pride ourselves in our exceptional quality by using skilled, German talented Artisans under the care of Herr Stefan Hamann a qualified Master Baker, the son and grandson of a family of Master Bakers in Germany.

Only the finest and fresh German ingredients are used daily, thus satisfaction is assured.

Every day and for the past 3 generations, The Hamann family has been dedicated to provide with a fresh and warm baked bread then in Germany and we will continue it for many years to come here in the UK.

We are proud to bake at the "oldest" Bakery in Windsor- BRADLEYS, 11, St Leonards Rd SL4 3BN- stablished in 1854 as we still do our baking as it was done over 100 years ago.

Our German breads are highly appreciated by our range of distinctive customers who respect us for the hard work we do and who also respect their health and their well being.

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United Kingdom
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