Artisan Baker Gathering at Milawa

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Milawa Factory Bakery are hosting an artisan baker gathering on June 4, 2007.

This is the first full day ABA gathering. Participants can join in the bake, or simply watch the bakers bake in a friendly competition called the [i]baker levain[/i] (sharing a levain to make a loaf of distinction).

We will eat lunch together while the doughs ferment and the bread bakes. The event is free for ABA members, and food and drink is available for purchase (very nice food, at reasonable rates).

Professional and home bakers will bake together. It would not surprise me at all if one of the home bakers comes up with a bonza loaf that makes the professionals blush with envy.

There are several prizes, and actually they are not cups, but beautiful bannetons, including a very special style of woven banneton that is not commonly available.

To participate, simply: 1. [url=]Join the ABA[/url] and, 2. [url=]Register for the Gathering[/url]

See you there,

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