My brick oven


The earth has been broken, the oven is officially started!  Going is slow but steady, completion is still months away.  I'll get around to posting pictures etc some time.


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monty 2009 July 2
I have only recently stumbled across this site and followed the history of your oven. Well done it looks great.  I have been scouring the web trying to work out what type of oven to build for my place. Your oven is typical of the the style advocated by Rado, as opposed to the pizza style oven at Forno Bravo.  I am more inclined towards the type of oven you built, can you tell me how long it takes to get your oven to cooking temperature and how long it takes to cool down.
I would be grateful for any info you can give me. Also did you find the plans you bought of good value, as trying to follow Rado is not that easy.
matthew 2009 August 11


Sorry it's been a while since I last checked up on this post.

I've been firing the oven for about 5-6hrs total (last time in two separate firings) but I don't think I've yet fully saturated the oven at baking temperature.  By the time the heat is reasonably evenly distributed the internal thermocouple is reading <180Celcius.  So I'm going to either work out a more efficient firing system or fire for longer.

I haven't measured the temperatures cooling down (after baking), but the oven is still normally (I've only baked in it twice, the other times I did pizza) baking around 150 Celcius after 2 hours baking.  Normally the internal temperature when I start baking is over 200 Celcius (but my problem is that at this time the rest of the mass is significantly cooler so I lose heat outwards as well as inwards when i begin baking until it equalises in the vicinity of 160-180.  I bake in the evening and the oven is still warm the next day.



666666 2011 July 14

Just built a brick oven and the fire won't stay lit. Am i starting it too far back or does it just take a long time. Paper burns instantly but wood will not lite fully and burn continuously. Door opening is 10' by 16'' and it has a chimney in front. Any ideas?

Polo 2011 July 24

A few details might help. What type (design) of oven do you have? What size is it?

 In general though, start your fire close to the door and work it back throughout the firing process.


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