After 3 years...

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Mr Punchy's Orange Spice loaf
Cranberry Walnut loaf
Multigrain Walnut raisin loaf

Dear SC members, 


It has been 3 years to the month since I started on this adventure of making sourdough breads. I'm always trying new flavours, but my usual go to recipe is a basic one which I can't find here anymore. It is an olive and parmesan bread, I forget who posted it. Anyway, over the years I have changed the flavouring ingredients to either make it a savoury or sweet bread. Its been great so far. The other bread that I commonly make is Mr Punchy's Orange Spice loaf. SO GOOD! Especially with homemade marmalade. 

Just wanted to say thank you for all the helpful tips that I've learnt over the years from reading the posts. I leave you with a few pictures of my breads. 

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