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I first grew a starter about 18 months ago.  I would throw half out, and feed with equal amounts of flour and water each day for about a week.  But my process of rising involved mixing up a bowl of sponge, letting it bubble up, then adding flour.  But then I would only let it sit for about 4 hours and it would rise a little as it baked, but was too dense.  I wasn't sure how long to leave it to rise.  

A friend lent me a library book with recipes which I scanned and have looked onto while baking sourdough.  I began by mixing 50 50 warm water, and starter.  Then I would add some flours, and knead it every ten minutes, then every hour, then I would divide it into two loaves, put it in a tin, then let it rise for 3 to 4 hours.  The bread doubled in size, and was much more soft in texture.  But using this recipe I would make a new starter each time I baked.  Now I have read some information on this website, I will go back to storing the starter in the fridge like I used to. 

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