Light sourdough rye bread with caraway seeds

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Delicious taste by combining the depth of the rye with the caraway seeds. And my crumb is improving!


Bread flour 450 gr.

Rye flour 50 Gr.

Water 300 cc

Rye starter 200 gr.

Salt 10 gr.

Brown sugar 1 Tbs

Toasted caraway seeds 1 Tbs


Mixed everything but for the salt and seeds, left to autolise for 30 minutes. Kneaded for 15 seconds every 15 minutes (four times), adding the salt and seeds at the first knead. Bulk fermented for 3 hours with two folds in between, shaped and left overnight in the fridge. 

Baked in a Romertopf, 20 minutes with the lid on and 30-35 minutes without it.

Despite my slashes, it ripped open by the side... :-/

november 2011

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