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Neville Beechey

Hello Stefan, I am not a Real Estate Agent or Solicitor. I am the owner on the AJ Millman Bakery in Murray Street. Colac.AJ millman Son , is a very good friend of mine and I have been getting a lot of extra information from him and I was talking to him yesterday and the original from of the shop  built in 1900 was moved to the back of my other block in Conner street, just opposite the hospital which I own as well ,so there is a lane way that goes through from the front of the bakery to to next street , where the hospital is situated.Please ,send messages on here or ring me 61 0352315738 or e-mail me  [email protected]

and Stefan I am a French Polisher and we have been restoring furniture in the bake house fof the last 20 years and so when I advertise the Restored furniture in the Local Rag , The Colac Herald , I usually put in Fresh in from the bake house, cheers and keep well and enjoy life ,regards Neville.

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