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Neville Beechey

Helllo to you all i have exciting news about the a j millman bakery , neville beechey 208;210 murray street colac vicroria 3250 australia.

 Have fired up one of the ovens , the one on the left hand side and now looking for a couple of bakers to take it over, more news later.I am adding  photos of two fruit cakes that i founfd in the left hand oven in 1994 and have taken a photo last night the 3 rd, april 2012.If any one would like to try a piece , it would be good.Also thanks for all for help so far and i have to restore the right hand oven now and need a bit more help, also i was wondering if i could make a culture from the flour that is on top of the oven?? And also where i can get one of the temp gauges repaired, the oven rand beautifulle and cried a bit at firs and so did mr clive millman the son of a j millman that built the bakery in 1897 or so .More exciting news to follow and looking for someone to take it over and you are most welcome to have a look at the big complex. , regards neville 

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