Berry Woodfired

Berry Woodfired Sourdough Bakery

Joost and Jelle Hilkemeijer run the sourdough bakery at Berry. Joost says his philosophies and influences are "Quality ingredients, time and simplicity".

They have an Alan Scott oven, a mixer and a crew of talented bakers on the bench. All loaves are hand crafted organic sourdough. No moulding machinery is used.

The bakery makes the most of their semi-rural location, maintaining a relationship with local organic food producers. A shop is connected to the bakehouse, selling seasonal organic vegetables organic dips and dry goods. Local seafood and produce are made to order.

Doughs are mixed slowly, rested for 3 hours shaped and set to rise in willow baskets. When ready they are loaded onto a peel and slashed on their way into the wood fired oven. The range includes Whole wheat ,Rye, Corn, White, Grain, Levain Blanc, Olive, Brioche, Baguette and Fruit.

(02) 44641617
23 Prince Alfred Street
Berry NSW
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