pablo conesa alternative bakery

Alternative Bakery  is a new concept of artisan bread and bakery, at the same time is a laboratory of new technics about breads and flours evolution in the world markets,we conserve artisan methods in combination with new process of  work,but in essence my bakery is like my house,our speciality are the rustics breads from europe ,and some pastrys,specials party breads from the world ,italian party bakery,french technics from ancient boulangerie and classes and courses in spanish and english,we love the world of breads and we love to share our knowledge with all the people want to come !!!!!!!!!!!!

best wishes for everybody and if you want to come your gonna be always welcome!!!!!!!!



pablo conesa



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Avenida de Aználcazar.Pol.Industrial PIBO.141.modulo 13
Avenida de Aznalcázar.141.Pol.industrial PIBO SV
Artisan Baker Association Standards: 
ABA ProductABA Standard
ART 20 - Organic Sourdough Unbleached White
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