"Local Breads" - Alpine Baguettes

Well I haven't blogged about the last few Italian breads in Daniel Leader's Local Breads, but I have made them. I just thought I'd get...Read more

laminated sourdough

i was amazed by the work of txfarmer from the fresh loaf with his sourdough baking. especially the beautiful laminated (multilayered)...Read more


100% wholemeal sourdough molasses with Spanish pomegranate seeds

clearing my pantry. found a bag of organic wholemeal flour i forgotten all about it. i baked a wholemeal sourdough bread. added molasses...Read more

inspired by Lumos cocoa sourdough with cranberries, walnuts and orange peel

Lumos did a lovely cocoa sourdough with cranberries, walnuts and orange peels for Codruta from the fresh loaf. more

wholewheat wheatgerm walnuts

my first attempt on a 60% wholewheat sourdough bread. added some toasted wheatgerm and walnuts. refresh wholewheat starter 10g 100g flour...Read more

tartine country bread

i have been making bread with chad robertson recipe. added my little changes of flour of fruits. today i made three multigrain rye country...Read more


High Temp

Hi from Adelaide I would like to create a sourdough starter, but am concerned about high temperature (up to 39 deg this weekend) and can be...Read more


Family XMAS bake

I love this time of year, I am allowed to take over the kitchen and bake my little heart out. This XMAS Pan A l'ancienne rustica Wholemeal...Read more

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"Local Breads" - Proscuitto Bread

Well I clearly haven't had much spare time in front of my computer for the last 6 months as I made the Rosetta rolls and Green Olive Sticks...Read more

2nd time SD bake good result ?

I think I've created a good SD loaf on my second attempt. 9hrs in the fridge, 2.5hrs to room temp and the bake. I love this bread making, I...Read more