Sourdough experiments #1: Starter hydration

(This was first posted in the ‘home sourdough’ section of the forum on 3rd June.) This is the first in what I hope will turn out to be a...Read more

Setting off…

“The road goes ever on and on Down from the door where it began Now far ahead the road has gone And I must follow if I can Pursuing it with...Read more

Kneading and mixing

Welcome to SourDom's beginners blog, the tutorials are: How to make your own starter . How to use short kneads to handle moist doughs and...Read more


This is the start of my blog….please go ahead and start your own!

My son, Maedi, has been working on creating a Blog for users of Basically, blogs will allow users to have their own...Read more

Fan Ovens

I haven’t posted in this blog for an eternity - too busy working. But I spent ten minutes this evening trying to track down something that...Read more


Recipes: Pane Francese (1) Starter: 1 teaspoon starter 90g white flour 90g water Dough 180g starter (36%) 320g water (64%) 450g white...Read more