Hot Cross Buns

Today I had a bit of fun... I made two batches of Hot Cross Buns Batch 1 was using dry yeast using the recipie from Emmanuel Hadjiandreou's...Read more


Yeast Water-Sourdough Combo Multi-Grain Miche

My last bake was a lemon sourdough which ended up as food for the squirrels. I decided to recover from that calamity by baking a good...Read more

Sourdough Progress

As the title suggests, I've tinkered with the timings, quantities and temperatures over the past few weeks, baking frequently. Im really...Read more


Corn Feta Cheese Sourdough Bread

Okay, I'm back to my normal self again baking abi-normal breads. I've made bread with corn flour before, but this time I wanted to use a...Read more

Pumpernickel Cheddar Cheese Sourdough Pretzel Rolls

For the recent Superbowl I was asked to make some pretzel rolls to bring to the party we're going to. I made a batch for Christmas Eve...Read more

White wheat sultana bread

Ingredients: 150g active wheat starter 250ml milk 20g butter 75g sultanas 50g chopped dates 1 teaspoon allspice 1 tablespoon sugar about...Read more

My Sourdough...finally making better bread than bakers yeast

Its been a long time since my first post, when I was going to try sourdough bread baking. I made a starter but it didnt go well and I threw...Read more


I have now been baking sourdough for 12 months and starting to feel comfortable with it. To refine my techniques I did a course at the Red...Read more


Why Dough Loves Salt

Hi Graham As promised so why is salt important. 1. In bread as in most food it brings out flavour but it does alot more than that... 2. It...Read more


"Local Breads" - Flax, Sesame and Sunflower Rye

Bread 2 from the German Rye section of Mr Leader's book, and made yesterday so I'm happy to say I'm still enjoying it! I refreshed my rye...Read more