Hand made bread Oven

Greetings from Simon Sourdough of Mudgee NSW. Hoping my fellow bakers might have a simple plan to build a small oven. Appreciate any...Read more


loaf #8

The same recipe as #7.A touch doughy in the lower middle centre area. I'm happy with the crumb, even with the less rise than #7.This was...Read more


Loaf #7

I spotted the below recipe on another site, thought I'd give it a go. Bread Flour - 470g Rye Flour - 65g Water - 300g White sourdough...Read more


Storage of Starter

I have maintained a starter for a number of years. For most of that time, when I refresh, I would add the new flour and water, let sit out...Read more


Homemade sourdoughs My homemade sourdoughs are starting to take shape...Read more

loaf #5

I tried the ‘Pane Francese (1)’ recipe for a second time, though changing the sequence in which I mixed the ingredients. The flours &...Read more

Long retard

I tried a 'Pane Francese' recipe, it felt too wet, so I added around 50g of wholemeal flour. After some kneading it went into an oil...Read more

Part Wholemeal Loaf

I've been baking again after a while away. Recently I've been trying a combination of 17% wholemeal and 83% white flour loaves. Below is...Read more

First attempt at Chad Robertson's technique from tartine bread

Today i attempted the technique from Chads book. The results were great. Excellent cell structure in the crumb and it was moist and the...Read more


3 bakes thus far

A little history prior to joining this site. Stumbled across Breadtopia and the camp baking video series - more