chad country sourdough bread

Chad Robertson Tartine bread is inspiring. i have been practicing for a while now with his recipe. it is easy to follow and a good base...Read more

apple rye and white wheat loaf

let me tell you this good news, i have tried this foolproof recipe by Millciti. make it every week. it is so versatile you can add any...Read more


roasted pumpkin boule

i love pumpkin, as halloween is near i tried Graham roasted pumpkin loaf recipe. managed to find some good butternut pumpkin. follow Graham...Read more


Mookie's Hot Chocolate Potato Sourdough Bread

Mookie likes to get his way and when he wants something he lets me know it. For example, when he wants breakfast he will knock everything...Read more


Coconut Challah with Yeast Water Starter

I have wanted to try my hand at a Challah made with a Yeast Water starter for a while so I decided to give it a try this weekend. Naturally...Read more

Re: wants to seek apprenticeship

dear all at sourdough companion thanks for starting this wonderful and informative website for all breadlovers. simply fiRead more

Our Trip To San Francisco Area Bakeries

A couple of months ago Maedi emailed me and asked if I would be interested in writing up a paragraph or two on a few of the bakeries in...Read more


White Wine Multi-grain Sweet Potato Sourdough

Here on Long Island, New York we have a ever-growing wine country on the East End of the Island. My wife and I like to go visit a few...Read more

My first sourdough

I made my first sourdough bread recently, the starter went ok and when I made the bread the crust was amazing however the bread tasted beer...Read more

Help - sourdough in San Francisco?

I am going to be in San Francisco for work in a couple of months time, and I expect to have a day free when I am there. I would love to...Read more