Breads of the week

With my fath help, my third prodution with more hidration thanks farinam !Read more

Thanks for All Your Help

I just wanted to say my thanks to all you who post on this site to help new sour dough bakers. After many failures and quite a few tears, I...Read more

E5 Bakehouse

The E5 Bakehouse is one of the new, small artisan bakeries now springing up in London. It started on a kitchen table, expanded, (via word-...Read more

Beginning the Sourdough adventure

Hi all, Just a brief intro. ive been making yeasts loaves for a little while but have embarked on the Sourdough adventure. My starter that...Read more

New Bread Baker

I just wanted to write and say thanks to all you guys on this site who do so much to encourage us newbies to keep going. There have been...Read more

My First Attempt at Sourdough

Hi All, Here are some photos of my first attempt at making sourdough bread. The starter that I used is the Sourdough Starter described on...Read more


A Good Morning's Bake

Hi, I've been a silent viewer of all the great information in these pages and just wanted to share Sunday morning's result and thank...Read more


Sourdough twice a week in a working's possible

Hi Have been enjoying all the sourdough stories and successes (and failures - that's how you get better). My problem was trying to bake a...Read more

Blueberry Beer 48 Hour Plus Multi-Grain

This was supposed to be a 36 hour sourdough but I got stuck in my favorite airport O'Hare for about 4 hours longer than expected and didn't...Read more