That's my first attempt after reviving may starter

Hello All, That's my first attempt after reviving may starter which was about 2 years in the fridge (yes, is it).Read more

First attempt sourdough! As well as a guide to the smells of a sourdough starter more

Sourdough Shop kits updated.

Hi all. We've just updated our sourdough kits available from . New varieties of bannetons are available and...Read more

Best flours for particular breads?

Im using a strong bakers flour for most of my breads but I remember reading that baguettes are made with medium/soft "all purpose" flour...Read more


New sourdough adventures :)

Hi, this is my first post here :) basically I used to make sourdough a long long time ago but it was very primitive, and now Ive started my...Read more


Kamut sourdough bread

I have been looking for a recipe for kamut sourdough bread and your recipe looks good hoever I don't see any added yeast in it. I also have...Read more

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