Sourdough twice a week in a working's possible



Have been enjoying all the sourdough stories and successes (and failures - that's how you get better).  My problem was trying to bake a fresh sourdough loaf a couple of times a week without taking a day off to manage it.  Think I have worked it out just maing some adjustments to the Bourke St Bakery starter and basic sourdough recipe.

The white starter was made as per the book and has been flourishing now for 2 months.  I use the same feeding schedule but don't do the final feeding.  I feed each morning up until the total weight is 800g and then start again feeding 100g of starter, but I don't throw away the other 700g.  I leave it all day until I'm home from work. Then I take 250g of starter, 250ml of water and 480g of white organic flour and mix in a kitchenaid as per basic sourdough recipe (mix7mins and rest for 20mins, then add a tbs salt and mix again for 7mins). Do window test.

Then I do same bulk prove for an 1hr, knockback and then another hour, knock back and shape.

If I started this when home from work then I mange to have a shaped loaf by 8 or 9pm.  I then put it floured banneton or a basket with a floured teatowel inside and leave in fridge to develop overnight.

Next morning when I feed my starter I take the banneton out and leave in a cool spot to prove all day until I get home.

When home from work I turn the loaf out onto baking paper, score and wack it in the oven (I use a pizza stone).  Half an hour does it usually.

With this routine I can feed starter, make dough and bake two loaves a week without having to work out a way to make it to the weekend to bake bread.  Just becomes a part of the lifestyle then like watering the lawn.  If I want to bake a loaf for friends I just make two loaves from the starter (there's 700g that's just going to be thrown out anyway).

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