trois petits pains...

TROIS PETITS PAINS... is looking for someone to take over our bakery located in the pictoresque village of St julien de Jonzy in Saone et...Read more

"Local Breads" - Como Bread

Pane di Como makes a big white loaf, with a mild flavour and open crumb. The recipe (like most of the Italian breads in this section of the...Read more


"Local Breads" - Ciabatta

Life appears to be getting in the way of my bread making and blogging these days, which is EXTREMELY disappointing (more so for me than you...Read more

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sourdough baguette

this is my fourth time to make baguette altough I sitll can not understand the science in baguette,such as the huge crumbs in it. Different...Read more

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First time starter

Hello all, first run at a sourdough starter with natural wild yeast. 36 hours in and all seems well. Active bubbles and almost doubled in...Read more

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Hello From N. California

Hello, I live in N. California and have been baking sourdough for nearly a year and a half from my starter fed with KA AP flour. After much...Read more


Sourdough Cookies

Somewhere along the way I got the idea that I should be able to make sourdough cookies. I thought about it for a week or two and decided to...Read more


Sourdough Croissants with Lilly Pilly Jelly (Australian Native Fruit)

Sourdough Croissants and Lilly Pilly Jelly This weekend I decided to take a break from the old oven restoration . When we arrived in...Read more

Very slack dough

Hi have been trying to make sour dough for a while now. Have an established starter but my dough is very slack, does not hold its shape at...Read more


Olive and Parmesan Bread

It's been a long time since I baked any sourdough worth mentioning. My starter had been at the back of the fridge for several months and I...Read more

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