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Sourdough banana bread

FIONA HAS ASKED for a recipe for delicious banana sourdough bread. Does anyone have one?

Great rye from a wet dough

This rye bread has gotten rave familial reviews despite a dough that was sloppy wet at 90 percent hydration. I used 65 percent...

A Recipe Spreadsheet

Phil Adams' Bread Recipe Spreadsheet

I have been using a recipe spreasheet I've built for some while now - I thought other might find it useful. You can use it to:...


Would this be a good recipe fo high-nutrition bread?

The goal is to make it as nutritionally complete as possible, the device used would be this: -500g whole wheat flour -dry yeast 2...


Bread #45: A step back with a non-sourdough challah

I needed to make a challah without the bread machine, to just get my feet wet, as it were. Bread #45 is a whole wheat challah...

Bread #33 - whole wheat and oat flours make for a really nice bread

A tasty hodgepodge of oat flour, whole wheat flour and wheat bran, though the bread is two-thirds bread flour. Tasted great. I...

Good results with spelt, starter and yogurt

photo of my bubbly, beautiful starter

This is an easy recipe that is about 2/3 spelt and yogurt. I had to adjust for the somewhat extra liquidity of my farmers market...

Sourdough chocolate buns

After making the hot cross buns following this method - I've been...

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Dr Karg Style Crispbread

G'day fellow Bakers, I purchased some crispbread the other day called "Dr Karg Crispbread" I found them to be a fantastic...


light rye bread

Does anyone have a good reliable recipe for a light rye sourdough - something like Czech-style? There's a recipe on Wild Yeast...