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Sourdough chocolate buns

After making the hot cross buns following this method - I've been...

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Dr Karg Style Crispbread

G'day fellow Bakers, I purchased some crispbread the other day called "Dr Karg Crispbread" I found them to be a fantastic...


light rye bread

Does anyone have a good reliable recipe for a light rye sourdough - something like Czech-style? There's a recipe on Wild Yeast...



Thanks LeadDog for your Naan recipe. Like all cooks I have modified it for local consumption. I use 50:50 white and wholemeal...

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Sourdough Pretzels

I have been on a sourdough kick lately and have 3 overflowing starters. Desperate to find some new way to use up a bit of my...


recipe search

Hi, I´m Dúnia and live in Brasil. I´ve recently managed to raise my starter. I´ve followed the recipe form the link on the right...


home made bread wheat glutin dairy free

hi my name is pat i have never made sourdough bread but wood like to learn how. will give you a recipe of the bread I make at...

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Just made a batch of sourdough pancakes

I didn't like the idea of throwing away half of my starter each time I fed it. It's only 100 grams being discarded at each...


Beignet Recipe

Hello. MY daughter and I have been watching The Princess & The Frog. It's set in New Orleans. There is a lot of Beignet...

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maximum leavening?

Hi, when I prepair my kamut bread I let it rise for 24 hours. How long could it rise at maximum?