pinkish grey colour in starter

I am at day 4 of beginning my starter and by the end of each 24 hr period it appears to have a faint pinky colour to it. Is this OK, or should I toss it and start again?


Pink is bad.  This means your starter has turned evil.  Throw it out and start over.  If your starter turns black or brownish, it's still okay.

Thanks LittleMonkeyMojo. Glad I hadnt got too far into the whole process then.

Based on what Danubian says at the link below, it is the lack of acidity that may be the problem.  Lots of different bugs that are plentiful in new starters die off when the good lactic acid cultures get going.  Read this topic first for a little more info.

Could you give us a bit more info about the conditions, recipe/method for your starter?  Pictures of this mould, er mold, might be good too...



You really are what you eat, so eat wisely...

I'd say continue the feeding cycles and the starter may become "pure" again :) Don't give up on it!

I had a similar result when I first tried to make a starter with city tap water. it kept turning pink, and smelled off. So I tossed it and used filtered water. No problems after that.



I had a thought that may be the case. We are on rainwater so I am now using boiled cooled water. Up to day 3 and so far so good!

I currently use well water ( moved to the country). UV filter, and fine particle filter. My starters seem to take to it pretty nicely.