Bread Porn

Hi everyone, here is some light rye I baked up today. I thought some bread porn might be in order as many people seem to have cold ovens at this time.




This recipe called for about 1/2 Rye/Whole Wheat and 1/2 White bread flour.

Have a great day,


I think you can send me an email via this site, even better I'll send you a PM with my email address and you can mail away...

WOW! Damn, that looks good! *drools into keyboard*
I wish the bakers around here could bake something like that... or even half as good!

Lovely looking rye teresa, i agree with bill it looks pretty open for a half rye.

Danubian, it really annoys me


when people say they are just doing some 'trials' and produce bread looking that good


Alex, you're absolutely right, Teresa’s rye is exceptional in quality!

I should have had the curtesy to acknowledge that before I posted my pictures on Teresa's thread. Sorry, Teresa, sometimes I'm just not thinking.

As I've said before I'm not as experienced with wheat sourdough bread as with rye, but I've been working on it as time allows. I've had a few trials and I'm pleased with some of the results. See a variety below including stoneground wheat meal and the three in the middle being white with rye a starter or as it's referred to here 'chef' or 'mother'. However, I must admit these were done in a bakery not at home.



Gee those look ok to me?


Are you kidding? I couldn't hold my tongue, it fell to the floor!


Jeremy, you're too kind, but it's nice of you to say so anyway.

Mmm.....Now,that has inspired me to dig out my freezer for moth-free flours (at least 7 varieties in there) to make some bread soon as my starter is up and about.

Bout time TP, all that cake and no bread!


BTW Jeremy, I was having a look at your gallery on this site last night; you've got some nice things there. If I ever get to NY I'll have to look you up, I reckon I'd enjoy eating at your place!!

Actually I was thinking of moving to Oz!
Hey I want to send you some formulas, am I able to send them to you by e-mail?


Where is your avatar Boris?

Very nice Theresa

Very Happy

I'm always impressed by the quality, quantity and variety of bread that you always seem to have on the go!


Bread porn indeed! Drooling..........

Stop that!


Bread porn indeed! Drooling..........

Beautiful loaves Teresa, I can almost smell them, mmmm! Great crust color and wonderful open crumb

Very Happy

Great stuff Teresa, it's a lot more open than I produce and I only use 1/3 rye in mine.

Hi Bill thanks, you have this recipe, it is the Light Onion Rye . I think it is second on the list. I have been going through the recipes and updating them.

Thats alright Danubian, you did just what I was hoping everyone would do, show some bread porn. Your bread looks fantastic and is porn indeed. Come on the rest of you, show off a little!

[quote="northwestsourdough"]... Come on the rest of you, show off a little! [/quote]

Yes indeed, Teresa!

When I first was stumbling in here I was bewildered by these incredible shapes and bubbles you perform here down under. Well it must have to do something with lower gravity, or inverse gravity, never understood those things since I was a boy.

Let me get into a wetsuit and do some experiments under water, proofing and baking under zero gravity conditions…

Being a man of timetables and schedules calculated results for my first bread porn will be not before July 2011 as an approximate estimation. A lot of things to learn before you can give…



When I first was stumbling in here I was bewildered by these incredible shapes and bubbles you perform here down under. Well it must have to do something with lower gravity, or inverse gravity, never understood those things since I was a boy.
Hi Michael,
I don't know about lower gravity or inverse stuff, but I live in the good ol USA. Don't be surprised if your bread turns into incredible shapes and bubbles much faster than you estimate, there's no holding back once you get addicted!

Things were getting a bit hot...

Bread is made with soaked polenta, spelt and plain white flours, some milk and a bit of butter. I feel so guilty that I'm not sharing this with more people (other than my family).....NOT! Heavenly with homemade marmalade.

Ok, ok....I'll go make some to sell (and share) tomorrow...

Share the recipe if you want?
Beautiful looking breads Teresa and Danubian!  Now, if my hand can get pass the monitor and grab a loaf to try, that would be great!
[quote=Jeremy]Share the recipe if you want?

I tweaked Pab's formula, substituting milk for some of the water and adding a dollop of butter. Oh...and I used spelt instead of wholemeal flour. He said:

[quote]I used: 150g of wholemeal bread flour, 150g of white bread flour, 60g of medium grain Italian polenta (not flour, the stuff that takes half an hour or so to cook in water while stirring and being splashed with very hot yellow stuff) simply soaked in 60g of boiling water for quarter of an hour, 10g salt (less would not hurt), 195g more water and 100g white leaven (at 80% hydration.)

I was aiming for a tightish crumb structure as in the photo, but the soaking of the polenta
leaves a surprising amount of moisture. I decided not to add more flour and therefore proceded with a slackish dough. [/quote]

I was pondering if a tinned loaf like this needs to be slashed?

Oooh, Jeremy, if you come to Australia make it West Oz, pleeease.   Note there are no bakers in Perth whilst there are in the other States!

Nice bread, everyone, you inspire me.

You know I was actually wondering about Perth, looks like the Riviera, see what I can do?
Thanks for wanting to invite me, didn't know I was so popular?

Perth is a seriously lovely city with a delightful climate.   If you consider moving to Perth you have to factor in its isolation, check out airfares from Perth to wherever you might want to visit and you will see what I mean.  

Having a son who is a chef I love good food and the thought of someone else in Perth giving the monks at New Norcia a run for their money is delightful.   See their site at:   They bake good bread, have a bakers shop and cafe in Perth and supply widely in the area.   The people in Perth are generally not foodies, the older parts of Perth are moving slowly that way, Subiaco, Cottesloe, Applecross, etc. where many old small shops are being revived and surviving.   Near where I live, Midland, this seems to be a slowly growing trend.   All of our supermarket products are bought by road from the Eastern States (a 3 day drive, but less with two drivers in their big trucks) and naturally cost more, vegetables no longer being fresh.   More and more people use farmers markets for their vegetables and fruit, there is a new one being built in the Swan Valley, a premium wine producing area, also a fine food producing area.

LOL - too much information here!

Thanks for the info on Perth, Heath Ledger was from that city too!I noticed your an artist too, my father was a painter.
If I go to Oz I will try to see all that is possible with the dollar at it's weakest,I still have a year to see if all will fall in line or we will fall over! Besides my sister in Switzerland would kill me for not going to see her either!
For those looking for bread porn, I do apologize, as my loaves of late haven't made the money shot!


An overnight loaf from last weekend. NW sourdough starter from Teresa, little bit of ground malt, EVOO, salt, bread flour and water.  This batch of flour is producing a very wet dough and nice big holes - guess I should get more scientific about it, but I'm hopeless with numbers.. :)

Indeed, I've seen Teresa's starter producing a lot of beauties.

What starter did Teresa send you, her Desem is awesome! Your bread looks great by the way!
Check out my friend and fellow blogger Susan at wildyeast, she is doing a tutorial on bakers percent or tap into this lot for some help, god knows Boris or John or just pick!


I bought the Northwest, San Fran and Alaskan starters from Teresa.  I'm currently using the NW and SF in rotation, and probably like the NW just a little bit more.  I know this sounds silly and anthropomorphic, but I just like her personality more.  She's reliable, and consistent, and feisty, like a little quarter horse.  Whereas the SF is sexier, and more sophisticated - she still performs very well, but just doesn't always seem as interested in playing.  :)

As you can tell, I don't have a very scientific approach to bread baking.  I've got some basic recipes sorted (the maths nearly killed me), and now any changes I make to them are based on how the dough feels on a given day.   Sorry to be a rebel, but I don't really want to crunch numbers.  Sometimes I'll mix up the flours a bit, and often I'll make bread with lots of different inclusions - have just thrown a whole lot of cranberries into a rye loaf. time I'll need to add more..

Here's a photo of my focaccia, based on a recipe in Dan the Man's The Handmade Loaf.  It's been scaled up to fit into a 90cm oven tray (maximum size of my oven).

Serendipitously, I've just found the Wild Yeast blog today !  It looks great, and I've bookmarked it to read.  Thanks..

Lovely focaccia, Celia! You could just be describing the way I bake...

One day, we must have a bake-off:  Number-Crunchers vs Kitchen Rebels.

Thanks for the link, Jeremy.

Hehehe...I reckon we'd give them a run for their money, eh TP..

Btw TP, is it just me, or does focaccia remind you a bit of Yew Char Kway (fried bread dough) as well ?  Or am I obviously just putting far too much EVOO on the top of my focaccia?  LOL...

Your crust looks just as it should, beautifully tanned golden from the EVOO. Hmm...I've never tied focaccia with YCK before; size and shape difference, lol. YCK's crumb has even finer and larger holes. Good taken sweet with red bean dessert soup or black coffee, or, savoury, with rice porridge. How do you eat it?

Hehehe...I reckon we'd give them a run for their money, eh TP..

Ooooh ....doesn't that delight your imagination? But I know its not possible; I wouldn't dare take you sheilas on!
Dare away Danubian, such rebellion!
who scooted away at the sound of a number cruncher's post? They couldn't be scared of their own shadows, could they?!
Just name the date and bread, mate!

* throwing down the gauntlet *

I am scared though...not sure I'd be game to take on the likes of Jeremy and Boris ... :)

But hey, a bake-off is always fun.  TP, you're the moderator, maybe you could suggest monthly projects or themes ?  Like the baguette thread from ages ago.  Maybe along the lines of "bake your best basic loaf" or "playing with different shaped rolls" or "bread with inclusions".  Or even more mainstream themes, such as "experimenting with spelt" or "best rye bread".  What do you think ?

Re YCK, it's harder to find over here, so I just eat it any way I can find it.  Mind you, they're so oily I can't only really eat a couple before I feel sick.  It wasn't that the focaccia was the same, it's just that it reminds me of YCK sometimes...

Celia, what is YCK, sounds like an illness or some sort of Y2K thing?

What about a bake off on each persons favored loaf? But with a twist, you send the next person the formula and they make yours?

Jeremy, no, no, no.. :)  

I can't bake other people's bread, I have enough trouble with published recipes !  What about we just start by each baking our favourite loaf ?

Yew Char Kuay is a type of Chinese/Malaysian fried bread.  Delicious and addictive and really really bad for you..

C'mon Celia don't be a give up sheila! give over and make some dough, you can be tutored by all! It's really easy, take it from me math was not a subject I like or even excelled in! by the by, what is your favorite loaf?

...nice try, Jezza.

Actually, I don't have a favourite loaf, as such.  I have my own recipe which I make up all the time, and then bake in different forms.  I love love love it when I have a bit batch of dough to play with.  It's like the promise of unopened playdoh when we were kids.

I have a batch rising now - big batch - probably about 2.5kg worth of dough.  I'm planning to make some epi, maybe some baguettes, a tray of olive and cheese rolls (my son's fave), and if there's any left over, I might make some pizza bases for dinner tonight.  Then again, I might make some Nutella and belgian chocolate rolls for my eldest son and the teenagers down the road.  Or maybe I should stuff some with cheese.  Hmmm.  Decisions, decisions...

Actually, maybe I do have a favourite dough.  My sourdough is based on Richard Bertinet's Olive bread recipe, which I adapted to use leaven instead of commercial yeast.  So it's always got some extra virgin olive oil in it, as well as a bit of ground malt.  The rest is white bakers flour, filtered water, sea salt (Tidman's) and any inclusions I throw in.

Things might change next week - I've just ordered 20kg of Graham's new flour !!

did I accidentally drop my glove? (Phew...went and had another look at some of these guys' bread gallery and, realise I'd better be quiet).

Wow...what a lot of great ideas...will keep us busy, busy, busy for a while. Thanks! I was thinking this thread can be kept for Our Best Loaf or breads we're pleased with.

For April, shall we stick with Spelt Bake-Off (I'll get the title changed) since there's been some contributions already?

Celia! Boy, so many breads and all tailored for individual likes. You sound like a bakery, lol. You really do justice to all those flours (20kg! oh my!).

Super cool, TP !  I've got a bag of spelt in the fridge, haven't even considered what to do with it.  Will start researching !  Moving to the other thread now.. :)

 what is bread porn