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World cup bake off! | Sourdough Companion

World cup bake off!

Yes France lost, I won't speak of it anymore instead I will leave some images of both Italian and French loaves!

Rosemary Olive oil!

Pain au levain

Fortunately I don't believe in nationalism or too many other organized things except maybe the bread forums I participate in!

Vive le Bleu!



Happy Birthday Bill...................... qahtan

Yes, that game was quite depressing, wasn't it?
I usually never watch football, but thought this would be a fun game to watch...

Great looking breads! I really shouldn't read this forum when I'm hungry


11 more.

Magnificent, the pair of you. Mick persevering with a toy oven, Jeremy battling the anti-flour other half.

Hi Bill,
Well it was a game that really made me depressed, so I made that Semolina look like a viper!(Fortunatley I have Italian and French blood running through me, as well as Basque, and oh yes Belarus...etc.) Actually the loaf slipped a bit irregularly off my peel!
I see Mick sent you that cider recipe too!(I have a private message following!)
As for my standards, well you don't have to worry, I'm not worthy!

Happy B'day by the way!


Guys, guys, I just love your loaves (especially the python-baguette!). Beautiful! I think we should all dedicate this week's breads to Bill, who's turning (or has just turned?) 62. "To a Year of Great Get It Right the First Time Breads and Many More.......!"

Hello Jeremy,

I was a busy boy too (and I wasn't watching the "beautiful game")


Russian Rye, Bethesdabakers Sourdough, Normandy Cider Rye.

Not up to your high standards but then I've only got a toy oven.