What a summer!

Well I am glad that is over!
It was such a busy summer this year. Mostly due to the fact that I was short staffed the entire time, and a few of us had to work 6 nights a week, and 12+ hour shifts! Longest recorded shift this summer was my Brother who worked around 16.5 hours in one night.

Things started to get worse when I was unable to find replacements for the staff who I knew were leaving. Then I had to give a warning to one person who was always late or never showed up. So he decided to just not come back.

I had a face to face interview with the guy who came from London, England. Everything seemed to be going well, then I received an email that he decided to change directions, and do something else.

With all the chaos and long hours there was no room for experimentation with new breads. So I am looking forward to doing that this winter.

So, how was everyone's summer?



in more ways than one. ;) Gee, I'm tired just reading about your summer.

Everyone seems mighty busy these days...but, that's a good thing.


The mood at work has already started to get better for the most part.
We may have hated the hours but the pay was great.


Life at Pan Chancho Bakery went a bit smoother this summer. I was able to recruit some more staff this year and boy did it make a difference. Our hours were down from last summer and we had two more staff than the previous year. We did have some turn over of staff, but were able to replace them quickly. A few verteran employees returned that I did not expect. So that was a great help. I am still not in the 'comfort zone' yet with my group. Meaning, I have what I need to get by, but do not have enough skilled employees to tackle the important positions such as mixing, and baking.

I am hoping with my most recent additions that I may soon be able to develop those 'key' people.

As for new breads this year.... I have started making Dom's bagels. The owner loves them. I can only manage to make them once a week right now. I made them a bit heavier at 120 grams. Adjusted the recipe to accomodate.

Hope to have more soon.


Thanks, Adam

To add to my previous comment. I have a core group of people whom I rely on to handle the important jobs in the bakery. There is myself - Head Baker, my Brother Dean - Assistant, Dan - long time employee (mixes and bakes), and Andrew employed for about 3 1/2 years (mixes, bakes, and shapes)  Without these people helping me, we would not have the bakery that is known today.

Not to say that the rest of my staff are not as important. Without them, the rest of us would be running around like chickens with our heads cut off!

Thanks for the update, and, a small peek/insight into a baker's life. Wishing you all the best. Does your bakery do any specials for Christmas, like, stollen and pannetone, & etc?

We do make Stollen. Here is a picture

Every year I make these myself. I haven't trusted anyone else enough to make them yet. They are expensive! I make at least 100 leading up to Christmas.

I experemented with a pannetone recipe that Jeremy gave me 2 Christmas' ago and I think I messed up the conversion. It did not rise very well.

Bet those stollens sell like hot cakes. If you get your pannetone right, do share. It's soooo delicate, it's a challenge for me too.