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Meeting sourdough people in Melbourne, Australia

Alan Scott, Dan Lepard and John Downes at the ABA Gathering in Melbourne

The Artisan Baker Association's first gathering was held in Melbourne on 14 May 2007. John Downes, Dan Lepard and Alan Scott were honoured guests. The event started with bakers talking a bit about themselves and their perspectives on artisan bread, and evolved into more casual conversation as the red wine flowed.

Thank you to Convent Bakery in Abbotsford, for providing such a fantastic venue for the gathering. I am only just starting to go through video footage of that event.

Several videos will be available on YouTube for general viewing. ABA Members will be able to view a wider range of higher quality videos on in the near future.

To get us started, Doug from Convent Bakery demonstrates the cleaning of Convent's large wood-fired "Scotch" oven, using the technique of "scuffling". VIDEO

Also in Melbourne, a couple of weeks earlier, I dropped in to see (Sour) Dom. Many bakers will know Dom from our sourdough forum. It was an experience that I enjoyed and will not forget quickly.

Dom and his beautiful family head to the UK soon for work. But that's not our bloomin' lot because there is video to come, and no doubt more baking from Dom too.

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