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Slow Friday | Sourdough Companion

Slow Friday

Yeah, looks like there is much baking going on, Carla, or maybe none at all. How goes?

Today is Lantern Festival aka Mooncake Festival celebrated on the 15th day of the 8th Lunar Month. Google for various lores on how it originated. Bummer that our area is surrounded by smoky haze caused by indiscriminate burnings from our neighbour...so we probably won't see a nice round moon tonight.

Here's what I was busy with...

This is white lotus paste double yolk mooncake.

This one is red bean paste mooncake.


Wow! You really can snap that lense! Beautiful, did you have fun?


These moon cakes are very nice TP.
Ah the memories of bean paste.
Must make some soon and fill something with it.

Carla, I made a caraway rye bread but my computer is down so no pics!Were baking don't you worry!

Sounds very good Jeremy. Have you really made a [b]rye[/b] bread or a white bread with a spoonful of rye in it?

(I have become cautious of the english speaking people claiming they have made rye bread and out comes a fluffy spongy loaf...)

Have just visited the forum our newest member Renaud advertises.
Gee - I have to get my french dictionary beside the puter me thinks. Just looking at [url=http://www.boulangerie-patisserie.net/forums/album_pic.php?pic_id=79][b] some of the pictures there[/b][/url]...

Very nice TP.

Are you gonna send me some, wow those are fabulous!


I made a caraway rye bread but my computer is down so no pics!Were baking don't you worry!

P.S. TP don't forget my request for your mooncakes! Are you gonna make some [b]brioche?[/b]

Well, Jeremy, if you don't mind it late....

Happy Mid-Autumn/Lantern/Mooncake Festival, y'all! It was a breezy night and the lanterns were precariously swaying in the wind (one casualty), so the images are a bit blurred.