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slashing and owen lift | Sourdough Companion

slashing and owen lift

i did small experiment
same dough cut in two portions after bulk proofing
shape and let it sit for same amount of time
owen time i sprayed both breads and slashed one 4 times the short way and other one once long way
owen lift difference was huge, the one with long slash is about 30-40% bigger in volume and you can see how well bread made use of this slash
the whole top opened up to make room for the volume jump where the other one with short slashes just had nowhere to go

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Nice trial Bill. Interesting to see what a big long slash can do to a nice loaf


Croc - 14 is a bit late, but you can still try and gradually increase the amount of rye and wholemeal in the bread so he won't notice...

Rolling Eyes

Have a look at this Croc, I did it back at the end of June.

Three 1Kg loaves all from the same batch of dough, three different slashes.

14yo boy

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bread looks almost white so my kid doesn't whing and smell and taste is out of this world.

How old is this kid Croc?

no pics sorry
i gave my camera to my sister in law last friday, should get it back today but by then there be no bread left

Very Happy

speaking of trying things i been making all my breads with 500 white/50rye/50wholemeal white/10gr salt

and i think it is really nice mixture, bread looks almost white so my kid doesn't whing and smell and taste is out of this world.

Bake Me !

Unfortunately I don't see Croc.
Did you put pictures in and I cannot see them?