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Stir well before pouring out? | Sourdough Companion

Stir well before pouring out?

Hi all,

I'm new on making my own starter. My starter is on Day 4 now. It has already doubled its size and full of bubbles.

According to SourDom's beginners blog, I have to discard most of the starter and then feed it. But, I wonder if I should stir it well before pouring out the starter?


Thanks for all of your help in advance!



Betty ^.^



It doesn't matter: give it a good stir if you like before refreshing it.

What I do is first determine the weight of the refreshment desired; add half that amount of water; give it a good shake with the lid tightly fastened; then add the corresponding weight of flour (to give 100% hydration), and mix well. Seems to work for me.

Thank you so much for your advice! I will try it out tonight.

But, my new starter seems to be 'inactive' today (day 5) after I have refreshed (without a stir before feeding) it last night; it didn't double its size and has only small bubbles on the surface.

I will keep on the 'pour out and feed' process for a few days. Hope my new starter will be getting well...