Re-visiting bread making

Beetroot sourdoughRe-visiting bread making

 Hello all, 

I'm moving to Australia in the New Year to live with my wife, and have been lurking on the Sourdough Companion site for a few weeks now, looking at some of the amazing breads that people have been making...

I started baking a couple of years ago in Australia, but stopped when we moved away again. We have been in England for a few months now, and I started up with a few sourdough and yeasted breads again, and remembered how much I enjoyed making (and eating) bread.

I thought I'd post up a couple of attempts here- mainly from the Emmanuel Hadjiandreou 'how to make bread' cookbook. ..


Firstly, a beetroot sourdough;


And secondly a levain de campagne made with a mix of white, dark rye, and a local mixed grain flour;


I'm still experimenting with different flours, hydration (currently using a 75% hydration starter), and shaping etc. but definitely looking forward to returning to Australia and branching our with some more sourdoughs.


Would you consider sharing your recipe for the Sourdough beet root bread, it looks sooooo yummy..  


Thank you

 Hi HopesHope, I'm not sure about how this website manages it's copywrite stuff, so here's a link to the book that the recipe is from instead- the book also has lots of other great sourdough and yeasted bread recipes.

Thank you for the link...  I'll order the book...

 Definitely a good buy; yesterday I made a sourdough tomato and rosemary loaf, and it's delicious!