Plum tart Alsacienne!

Really it's fall and the plums don't taste like they did in my sisters orchard! But as this will be my first post in OT recipe, well none finer, as well I just finished a nice dinner, red wine, and finally some schanpps of kirsch colored by the same cherries from my sisters orchard!

Wish I was on vacation permanently!



I just bought some california catalina plums. Please say I can use them to make this drooool tart!

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Stop drooling over the plums and bake them! And don't forget to post plum porn for us all to enjoy!


Thanks, Carla, for the bit on the right type of plums to use. I would have used whatever's available and wouldn't know what went wrong.

You may because I was allowed to eat that fruit in Schweiz and France , we ate plums straight off the tree, so good tasted like passion fruits in strange sort of way!


Very very nice Jeremy
makes me hungry looking at that picture
Cheers Normbake

Excellent Jeremy!

May I suggest that "quetsche" is actually "Zwetschge" in German which translates to "prune plum" in English!

Do NOT try and cook this cake with the normal Asian round plums we usually get down here in NZ and Australia. They are far too watery!

Also prune plums are free stone while most of the round plums are clingstone and a pain to get stone-free except for the lovely big yellow Louisa plums which could probably be used if not too ripe and soft.

Thanks Jeremy!

I'll be forking out for plums, for sure!


Ok guy's here it is [color=violet][size=18]Tarte ux quetsche a la canelle[/size][/color]
pate sablee with almonds
300g sofened butter
60g powdered sugar
60g almond powder
125g granulated sugar
5g salt
2 whole eggs
500g flour

mix softened butter wih powdered sugar.granulated sugar, almond powder and the salt incoporate one at a time add the flour last and incorporate thouroughly without over mixing, this isn't bread!
roll into a ball wrap in plastic and rest in refrigerator overnight.

1kilo plums
3 whole eggs
245g powdered sugar
80g powdered almonds
8g cinammon +some for decoration
10cl cream
40 g melted butter
confectioners sugar for garnish

pre heat oven to 160c
wash and dry the plums.
Cut temin two and take out the pits.

in a bowl whip the eggs with the sugar, add in the almond powder, cinnamon and the cream.
Mix and finally add in the melted butter, mixing thouroughly!

Roll out the dough to fit the mold, put in half the filling mix and then cover with the friut.
Add in the rest of the filling and bake for 30 minutes.
serve cold garnished with sugar and cinnamon powder

mold size 20x30 cm square or 26 cm round

Cheers and happy baking


Private message, frost in Australia? the world is screwed up!

Can't make the plum tarte then!


PM = pick me for a PM! (sheesh!)

It's a bit of a worry ... the stone fruit thing ... Christmas in Australian usually means filthy hot weather and tonnes of stone fruit!

It will be expensive this year.

sounds like the bananas had it worse though? We had some good plums in Switzerland this August, great schnapps too, cherry and prunes!



Oh ... take me, take me!


You would love it,ecuador is really another world and just wait I will be posting recipes in my spare time when I get a second on my site, those I have held on to throughout my 26 years of cooking professionally to culminate I hope into a book of sorts, that is still being sorted out, if I can do it or if I am having flash back symptoms?

Anyway the tart is on my site, just it's a copyrighted recipe, but fairly straight forward, I can make a pm dream come true for those interested!


PM = pick me!

Might cost a bit though - seems half of Australia's stone fruit crop for summer was lost in a frost two nights ago!


mmhh..I get hungry..
tarte? Jeremy, isn't a tarte baked headover?
May it be a quiche perhaps..

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Hi kids,
the dessert is not posted yet? May hold all of you in suspense or even some cruel sort of game make u beg.....wait for it! No actually will have to translate!

Markus please I need u to get a translator!

Hi Carol,
wait till November, Thanksgiving is my foood feast galore, and then this year I will do some snapping in Ecuador for Christmas, tamales, humitas, you will see stay tuned and I have lots of posts I just added on my site tip toe over why don't u!


Oh geez ... look at that.

Is the recipe posted somewhere?

I want one.


It's the only way to enjoy it though!


OK....don't anybody post anymore food porn today! I can't take it already!

Slurpppp! Plum tarts.....

Nice updated pic, better lighting, great job,keep it up!

Don't worry about the weight bit, your avatar tells the tale!


Afraid so. Bill, I've caught up with you on posting....I hope I don't catch up in the weight department.

OK..I stopped drooling and I baked it. Now, I'm struggling not to eat the whole tart!!

95 pounds and rising.






OK..I stopped drooling and I baked it. Now, I'm struggling not to eat the whole tart!! It's absolutely delicious! Love the pate sablee, love the filling...even the plums I used which when I tasted seemed a bit bland is now bursting with flavour. A keeper! Tks, Jeremy!



Edited to change pix:D

hi, i was wondering what powdered sugar was. Is that confectioners sugar? We call it icing sugar as well in Australia. There are 2 types. siftring icing sugar and pure icing sugar. Is it pure icing sugar?

Plump Tart Alasacienne is one of my favorite bread item or dessert , whatever you might want to call it . I actually had my first Plump Tart at Greenwood , that was my best dining experience ever , the Greenwood Dining experience . I think that this is the best place where you can find the best and the most delicious plump tart . Now , since I know the recepie I think Im going to try baking it aswell .

Hi, I'm kind of new to this board, and just getting into sourdough.  My question is what is Almond Powder?  Is it almond flour?  I would like to try the recipe but need to know the answer about the almond powder.  Thanks.

I would guess that almond powder is ground almonds or almond meal, but powdered sugar is definitely icing sugar. I don't think it matters in this recipe whether you use pure icing sugar or icing mixture.

I would guess that almond powder is ground almonds or almond meal, but powdered sugar is definitely icing sugar. I don't think it matters in this recipe whether you use pure icing sugar or icing mixture.