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Hi! I'm new to the world of Sourdough and I bought a starter from a local Craigs List ad. I am a little unsure of what I should be doing and was hoping I could get some help here! The starter has been refrigerated for a week and is due to be fed today. Do I let the starter warm up before feeding? About how long will it take to warm up if so, would leaving it on the counter over night before feeding be ok? Also I have about a cup of starter, how much flour and water should I use to feed when I do feed, and does the flour have to be sifted? Sorry for all the questions, if someone can give me some advice or point me to some good instructions I would appreciate it! TIA!
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shasta 2013 June 28

You can feed it right out of the fridge. I use lukewarm water to help revive it. When I have my stsrter out I feed it every 12 hours. 

How much water and flour to feed depends on how thick you want to maintain your starter. I keep my starter at 100 % hydration which means equal amounts of flour and water by weight. For example, If you have a kitchen scale, you could feed 100g of starter with 100g of water and 100g of flour. The total weight of starter would then be 300g. The next feeding you would discard 200g of your starter and repeat the process above. has instructions for caring for starters.

Oh, no flour sifting is needed. 

Good luck!

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