Can starter go bad


Hi all,

can someone tell me please. 

The situation is about a week or more ago i got my starter out of the fridge and feed it ready to make some bread but was taken  poorly so for quite a while my starter although covered with muslin cloth and feed a few times has sat on the counter for all this time (don't know why i never put it back in the fridge. Think my brain was poorly as well.) 


Now I am well again i wanted to use my starter it looks fine still active has a pleasant smell to it, or should i starrt again and not risk it.

i would really appreciate any help anyone can give in this matter.


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phaz 2013 April 24
hi lin, as long as the starter is bubbling away and growing, it should be ok. I'm new to sourdough, but most feel it is relatively hard to really kill a starter. if left out in warmer temps for a week without feeding, you may have a problem bringing it back, but sounds like it at least had some feedings while out of the fridge, and that's probably enough to keep it alive. I have been leaving my 18 day old starter on the counter with little to no feeding the last few days to get a feel for the starters cycle so I can adjust amount of food and when to feed. granted temps have been in the mid 50sF in the kitchen , so it's kind of like being in the fridge, but 1 sample went 3 days with no food, just a stir here and there, and after an overnight feeding I had no problem turning out a decent loaf (I will be posting a pic in a new thread as I have a scoring question). I'd say go for it, you'll be good!
Lin 2013 April 24

Hi there, thank you for the advise,

i will go for it afterall what have i lost if it doesn't come out right i can always give it to the birds.

I will let you know how it turns out. Now all i have to do is find out what i did with my brain while i was sick lol.

your help much appreciated.


phaz 2013 April 24
the birds will love it! I've been doing a bit of experimentating since my starter was about a week old, and much as I love to eat bread, I can't eat that much. the tweeties are hungry this time of year here in Vermont, and they gobble it right up (I was wondering why the birdies were getting bigger lately, must be all that bread!)
littlechef61 2013 April 24

Hi Lin soughdough is very  forgiving as long as it is not pink or red in color you are set if you see black that is ok you can either stir it back in , this is the Alcohol  in the starter or you can pour it off let me know how it works out for you  good luck

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