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The new Artisan baker

There is a global movement which is all about a return to authentic food. It’s not trendy, and is basically driven by a desire to eat food...Read more

Holey Bread Holy grail, holey grail.

It’s a great fashion, and I really like the look of massively irregular wildly holey bread. Its an extravagant swagger, the “wild yeasts’,...Read more

Well what IS good bread?

The first criteria of good bread is the simplest…it must be digestible . And its on this stumbling block that most bread falls. For a...Read more


Sourdough Bread…the real thing

It may surprise you that sourdough bread is not a trendy product invented by ‘foodies’. It is the way bread has always been made, and if...Read more


Judging Sourdough bread and Artisan Breads

The first criteria in judging sourdough breads is that they must display authenticity. Because there are no legal or even trade agreed...Read more


Artisan what?

Simply “google” the word “Artisan, and it will be revealed that the term is an anachronism…that is, it applies to skilled workers before...Read more

Mark Laucke - Roller Mills vs Stone Mills 3

Mark believes that roller milling can produce healthier flour than stone milling. In this film he provides a summary of his argument...Read more

Distinguishing Artisan

Artisan baking in Australia is difficult to define as an industry. For starters, it has been hard to put your finger on exactly what...Read more

Blog Me

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