aber Mamma mein Brot ist schimmelig(Teaching myself how to make German bread)

Ahhh Willkommen zurück Been toying with becoming a better baker, promised myself to think things through when I bake. Approach each new or...Read more

More Honey! Less Vinegar!

Three weeks ago I stumbled across a new initiative from the conventional baking industry, The Australian Artisan Baking Cup. At that time I...Read more


This weekend I have tried another version of the a l’ancienne formula to make Ciabatta. Starter - as before Dough 200g starter 425g water...Read more

A new formula and a new schedule

have been playing around with two different things - Peter Reinhart’s pain a l’ancienne, and some of the techniques discussed in the Jim...Read more

No pain no gain!

Been thinking lately about my craft, that being cooking and the other love baking! Seems I am stuck in the former because I do also love it...Read more

Sourdough Timetables

One of the things that puts people off baking at home is the amount of time that it seems to take. Everyone loves the smell of freshly...Read more


Final Crucial Steps

Welcome to SourDom's beginners blog, the tutorials are: How to make your own starter . How to use short kneads to handle moist doughs and...Read more


Bread blah!

Already back at work and well I wanna scream! My employees are well....boring and they are bored, existing for there checks and passing the...Read more



Been to the otherside, Europa. Loved every minute too, not gonna say too much, may step on my own tongue or somthin!? (spell check!)Had...Read more

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A quick note from ICTF 2006 Sydney

The team from Brasserie were there. Chris, from Fuel Bakery , and myself walked around and basically just bumped into people. Artisan...Read more