People's Bakery

YacobakerNehemiah in the bakeryAbigail in the bakery on the 140qt. hobartChananel and her whole spelt,honey sweetened,real cream cheese Carrot CakeFamily helpers left to right Nehemiah,Yatsaq and ChananelAnother family helper Ephriamwhole spelt sough-dough hearth breadWhole Spelt four seed breadWhole spelt Honey oat breadWhole spelt Common breadWhole Spelt Raisin cinnamon breaddelicious carrot cake


We are an Organic Whole Spelt Bakery presently located in Warwick Massachusetts.

We sell whole sale to the local co-ops and health food stores in the area.

We do mail order if interested.

-Four seed

-Honey oat

-Common (the base dough for all other verities)

-Raisin cinnamon 

-Sandwich rolls

We will be adding to the line quick breads,cookies and granola along with artisan sough-dough hearth breads.


                            Phone= 413-824-1909





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Product Standards

Artisan Baker Association members are encouraged to list their products and their corresponding sourdough baking standards below. See the standards.

Product: Standard:
Whole Spelt ART 3 - Organic Yeast Bread Wholemeal OR Unbleached White
Whole Spelt ART 2.1 - Sourdough Wholemeal OR Unbleached White