Newcastle SourdoughBaker Cafe under threat


Only two weeks ago I went to newcastle for a workshop with Warwick at the Sourdough Cafe.  What an amazing place, homely, great food, linked into the work of Wesley Mission. 

Because no matter how much I read I could not get oven spring -  well it was like a brick. I made many bricks, although appreciated by the chooks, I was so disheartened.  Nothing looked like the pictures on this site.  Then the Workshop, watching, having questions answered, working through all the bread processes.     Since being home, have made the most best bread which I would show you but everyone ate it!! 

Now I learn on the SourdoughBaker Cafe Facebook page that it is being shut down by Wesley Mission with very short notice.  If any of you have been there, please go to the site and sign the petition to keep it open.

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