My best looking bread ever

My best looking bread everMy best looking bread everMy best looking bread ever

I baked this bread (Hamelman's "Vermont Sourdough") under an inverted pyrex bowl over the baking stone. It's cheaper than cast iron pots, and you can watch your bread changing shape and colour!

Edit:  it turned out to be also my best tasting bread. I'm in love with this french T65 flour! Here's the crumb:



That looks gorgeous! And I have Pyrex bowls, whereas I don't have stainless steel, cast iron pots, or any of the other things bakers have used as a cloche. Yay, I am going to try this!

 I can't wait to try!


 Beautiful and an inspiring clever innovation.

 Yeah, now I'm looking for some long pyrex thing (like a loaf pan but bigger) to bake batards and baguettes


 What a nice looking loaf. I'll have to give the Dutch oven a go, your bread looks mouthwatering.